& GlobeNet partnership strengthens Fortaleza Internet Exchange Point

GlobeNet will be responsible to host the most important National Internet's infrastructure in the North and Northeastern Region of Brazil.

The Brazilian Network Information Center ( and GlobeNet are pleased to announce the implementation of the new central interconnection point at Fortaleza Internet Exchange Point (IXP). GlobeNet will be responsible to host the most important National Internet’s infrastructure for the exchange of traffic in the North and Northeastern Region of Brazil, providing its data center infrastructure in Fortaleza. It is expected that this IXP will become the second most important Point of Interconnection in the country, just behind São Paulo IXP.
Counting on the large and crescent numbers of ISPs, this new Fortaleza Central Interconnection Point will strengthen the distribution of local-based Internet content. “A country with continental proportions like Brazil cannot rely anymore on a single IXP for its critical traffic exchange. Network operators willing to exchange traffic are welcome to connect”, says Milton Kaoru Kashiwakura, Special Projects and Development Director. is also deploying its first full-service infrastructure out of São Paulo on the same location. “The resolution of ‘.br’ domain names and all the operations conducted before by only in Sao Paulo will also be available in Fortaleza. Those features aim to make this location the pole for North/Northeast operations in Brazil”, says Frederico Neves, Services and Technology Director. has chosen GlobeNet due the strong and solid infrastructure established in the northeastern part of Brazil, and also due to the:
• Higher level of datacenter services availability,
• Reliable dual ring-protected fiber-optic subsea cable system that connects north and south America and
• Neutrality
“We are thrilled to be able to announce a project like this; it will directly benefit the growing number of service providers in the region,” states Eduardo Falzoni, CEO at GlobeNet. “The implementation of the new, regional Fortaleza point of interconnection highlights GlobeNet’s commitment to helping our clients expand into new markets and improving access to the internet for end-users in Brazil.”


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