GlobeNet opens new Interconnection Point (IX) in Fortaleza, Brazil

The new infrastructure is able to exchange traffic locally, taking advantage of our high-bandwidth and low latency connectivity.

GlobeNet announces today that its new central interconnection point at the Fortaleza Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is open for business. As a result, network operators and internet service providers (ISPs) throughout Northeastern Brazil will be able to exchange traffic locally, taking advantage of the high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity GlobeNet’s infrastructure offers.
Internet penetration throughout Brazil is steadily increasing. In 2016, only 55.65 percent of the Brazilian population was able to access the internet, according to Statista, a leading provider of market and consumer data. By 2022, 61.89 percent of Brazilians will be accessing, downloading and sharing content online. Already, the country is home to the world’s fourth largest online market, behind China, India and the United States.
In response to increased demand from Brazil’s growing number of ISPs, GlobeNet announced a partnership with the Brazilian Network Information Center ( to establish a new, central interconnection point in Fortaleza in December 2017. With the installation now fully complete, the new infrastructure is set to be Brazil’s second most important interconnection point after the São Paulo IXP further south.
“At GlobeNet, we’re excited to be contributing to Brazil’s expanding digital economy,” says Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet. “The new Fortaleza IXP is key to ensuring the resiliency of the country’s internet infrastructure. For network operators, ISPs and other enterprises, it means increased bandwidth and ultra low latency connections, all backed by our solid data center infrastructure and reliable fiber-optic subsea cable system. We are not only answering today’s demand for improved connectivity, but we are also future proofing Brazil’s northern networks for increased internet penetration.”
For network operators looking to connect in the Fortaleza IXP, is also using the site to deploy its first full-service infrastructure outside São Paulo. In short, the city will now serve as a hub for all’s northeastern operations in Brazil – a major step forward for Latin America’s largest country by GDP.
The official launch of the Fortaleza IXP comes just a few weeks after GlobeNet announced Facebook as a co-owner of its new ‘Malbec’ subsea cable to Argentina – the first new cable to that country since 2001. With infrastructure investments being made on land and under water, GlobeNet continues to cement its reputation as a key telecommunications partner for carriers, service providers, cloud providers and enterprises across the Americas.