GlobeNet’s Malbec subsea cable wins Best Americas Project at Capacity Global Carrier Awards

The new system is recognized for improving connectivity between Argentina, Brazil, South America as a whole and the USA.

Deployed in collaboration with Facebook, the Malbec subsea cable system brings Argentina fully into the GlobeNet network, providing seamless connectivity between the Southern Cone of South America, Brazil and the United States. Using the latest enhancements in fiber optic technology, such as SDM (Spatial Division Multiplexing), it will deliver double the current international capacity to Argentina. As a result, the new infrastructure will allow much greater high-speed access to social media content, streaming and cloud services throughout the region.
“Argentina, Brazil and South America as a whole represent a burgeoning digital economy that requires state-of-the-art infrastructure to satisfy the pressing demands of the years ahead,” says Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet. “The Malbec project is a testament to our capabilities, expertise and commitment to the region where we have been operating for 20 years. For us, this award recognizes just how important the subsea cable will be to the overall digital transformation of the Americas when fully complete by July 2020.”
Over the past year, Latin America has experienced a surge of innovation and investment in its telecommunications landscape. From brown and greenfield data center developments to new subsea cables, regional governments continue to encourage new projects as enterprises increasingly demand high-speed access to cloud services, streaming content, and other bandwidth-intensive Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing applications. According to IDC, by 2022, over 20% of Latin American enterprise cloud deployments will include edge computing.
To meet the digital and network needs of the region, GlobeNet continues to invest in upgrades to its infrastructure and service offerings. With the Malbec subsea cable project, GlobeNet is essentially future proofing the entire region’s telecommunications landscape for the stringent network demands of the years ahead.