GlobeNet Prepares for Launch of Its Malbec Subsea Cable to Argentina

Now in the final stages of implementation, the new system will be integrated into the company’s regional network and become operational in August.

GlobeNet is in the final stages of implementation of its new Malbec subsea cable system. The 2,500 km cable will link the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo with Buenos Aires, Argentina. Malbec will be fully integrated into GlobeNet’s regional network, offering seamless connectivity between the Southern Cone and the rest of the GlobeNet’s network to Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bermuda and the United States.
The Malbec system will reach the cities of Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo via GlobeNet’s own cable landing stations in Las Toninas and Praia Grande, connecting the major data centers and interconnection facilities through terrestrial diverse paths and metro networks, providing a totally diverse route.
Using the most recent developments in fiber optic technology, including Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) and the latest generation in repeaters and transponders, Malbec will double the current capacity to Argentina, allowing much greater high-speed access to social media content, streaming and cloud services throughout the region.