Cybercriminals take advantage of the quarantine to speed up their malicious activities

Denial of service (DDoS) attacks increased by more than 300% in the first five months of 2020.

The coronavirus caused Internet traffic to rise to record levels in all countries in Latin America. As a result, threats from cybercriminals have also increased. Throughout 2020, GlobeNet’s Anti-DDoS solution focused on operators has successfully mitigated the already recorded increase of more than 300% in the number of attacks suffered by its customers.
The number of incidents in March, April and May remains above average when compared to the last six months of 2019. This increase is mainly associated with the use of the Internet and the explosion of online transactions as a result of confinement. The average duration of DDOS attacks during the first quarter of 2020 also increased by more than 350%, compared to attacks recorded in the last quarter of 2019.
“With GlobeNet’s anti-DDoS services we offer an effective and robust solution against cyber attacks. In addition, we offer permanent network protection without the need for customers to invest in their own anti-DDoS solutions”, explains Carlos Agripino, regional director GlobeNet sales in Brazil.
Cybercriminals create large-scale DDoS attacks, which paralyze network traffic. As a result, internet service providers and telecom operators must take additional precautions to protect their services.
The differentials of GlobeNet’s Anti-DDoS mitigation service are:
  • Have no limit on clean bandwidth or mitigated attack volume;
  • Dynamic detection and attack neutralization.
  • Rapid detection of malicious traffic;
  • Flexibility in protection policies;
  • Ability to mitigate high-volume attacks;
  • Ability to mitigate protocol and application attacks;