Corporate Governance

GlobeNet’s corporate governance is based on our belief that a meritocratic culture is the best environment for corporate growth.  Our core value of meritocracy is supported by our Code of Conduct, which provide a solid foundation for the growth of our business.  Our Board of Directors and Executive Team recognize the importance of having sound corporate governance guidelines in place, and have established strong corporate governance principles to ensure the company maintains the highest level of controls and standards.

GlobeNet prides itself in conducting its business ethically, honestly, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  Our Code of Conduct affirms our commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with the law. Integrity, reliability, and ethics are just a few of the guiding principles which have proven fundamental to GlobeNet’s success.  The Board expects its directors, as well as senior management and employees, to act ethically. Directors are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct Policy and the Policies regarding conflict of interest.

Our Board of Directors and Executive Team are responsible for appraising the company’s major risks and for determining that the appropriate risk management and control procedures are put in place. Major risks and controls are reviewed periodically to ensure GlobeNet is in compliance with the risk appetite defined by the Board of Directors. GlobeNet has a strong commitment to the principles and practices of sustainability and make sure this is ingrained in our corporate culture and daily management. GlobeNet always takes into consideration the short, medium and long-term effects of each decision, while making sure to balance the economic, environmental and social aspects.


Corporate Structure



Culture & Values

All team members are encouraged to work together, cross-functionally, to share ideas, experiences and knowledge. As a result, we’re able to honor our customer commitments by continuously striving to deliver the highest quality and most responsive service levels available across the industry. It’s a culture that encourages leadership, creates accountability and rewards positive results.