We protect your critical infrastructure against DDoS attacks and other volumetric threats.

Anti DDoS Gold Protection

Our Anti DDoS Gold Protection service empowers international carriers and ISPs in Latin America to protect their customers’ critical infrastructure against malicious activities and to guarantee network performance without experiencing downtime.


• Service packages measured in minutes
• No limit of clean bandwidth or volume of mitigated attack
• Flexibility in protection policies
• Early detection of malicious traffic
• Ability to mitigate high-volume attacks
• Ability to mitigate protocol and application attacks
• Dynamic detection and mitigation of attacks


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Anti DDoS Silver Protection

Our Anti DDoS Silver protects operators and ISPs in the Americas from critical infrastructure attacks, while guaranteeing performance and minimizing downtime.


• Service packages based on the number of filters enabled
• No limit of clean bandwidth
• Only filters predefined by GlobeNet apply
• Detection and mitigation of attacks within the GlobeNet IP network
• Mitigation attacks up to 20Gbps
• Traffic filtering that matches the policies established by the customer and the filters enabled in the service
• Static mitigation, based on the parameters established by the client, in the enabled filters


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