Main Argentinian service provider

Connecting to the Network Access Point (NAP) in Miami, Florida in order to expand its services for other telecom providers.

Our customer is an Argentinian service provider that owns and operates over 10,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables across Argentina and Chile.


The Challenge

Our customer wanted to connect to a Network Access Point (NAP) in Miami, Florida in order to expand its services for other telecom providers. The NAP would give it a vital entry to US-based networks and peering, allowing it international connectivity to support its business development activities. They were looking for a partner that had both the network infrastructure and connectivity services needed to complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Because GlobeNet owns and operates its own subsea, fiber optic cable system between North and South America, it can offer the data services that companies need to enhance and grow their networks. Recognizing this, this provider chose GlobeNet as its international connectivity and network virtualization partner.


The Solution

To meet the customer’s needs, GlobeNet provided a 1x10G Wavelength service between its Rio Cable Landing Station (CLS) and its Miami, Florida NAP. As well, it provided a virtualized router solution to allow our customer to aggregate its international capacity and manage its own connections to peering fabrics.
GlobeNet’s Wavelength services are specifically designed for organizations experiencing significant increases in their data volumes. The service provides dedicated bandwidths at 10Gbps and 100Gbps to all key destinations in Brazil, Bermuda, Colombia, Venezuela, and the USA. This high-speed, transparent, point-to-point connectivity based on Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology more than met our customer’s requirements. It is all based on GlobeNet’s ultra-low latency, submarine dual ring cable system that delivers 99.99% uptime reliability to the NAP in Miami—a key requirement for our customer.
In addition, GlobeNet’s virtualization service offers network infrastructure with virtual routers located in Miami and New York. These Points of Presence (PoP) are intended to become a key component of the customer’s networks for the delivery of their service offerings.
Benefits of GlobeNet’s network virtualization offering include:
  • Customer managed network architecture and capacity upgrades
  • Provides customers with basic engineering services, management of peering connections and other NOC services while proactively monitoring the network
  • Scalable capacity


The Results

GlobeNet’s robust, scalable and secure Wavelength connectivity to Miami offers high speed access to US networks. Thanks to GlobeNet’s virtualized routing platform, this Argentinean service provider is now able to control and enhance its reach with critical PoPs in the US. This solution met all of the customer’ needs and provides a strong foundation for them to expand its presence in new markets.